Music Producing has always been as much a part of my professional music career as being and artist. At times, it has assumed an even greater role in my life. The fact is, I love producing. It’s what I think I do best. As well as producing or co-producing my own records, here are some of the albums I have produced:

Tony VincentCindy Morgan ListenThe Loving KindRL

KaleidoscopeStreamschris-rodriguez-79881Cindy.Morgan-ElementaryO.C. SUPERTONES - HI FI REVIVAL

I have been busy producing lately, too, for independent artists like Kylie Hughes, the Moreno Twins, and Amy Gans. I have included a set of songs from some of the albums above, and some of the current artists I have been producing. I’m available to produce your song or your album, too!

My producer’s fee is $2500 per song, and that includes pre-production, programming, and any keyboards and vocals I may add along the way. This fee may be negotiable depending on the amount of songs you want to do.

Here is a cross-section of music that I have produced:

Cindy Morgan/”Jamie”/Listen

Cindy Morgan/”Listen”/Listen

Rachael Lampa/”Live For You”/Live For You

Rachael Lampa/”Always Be My Home”/Live For You

Cindy Morgan/”End of the World”/Elementary

Rachael Lampa/”Brand New Life”/ Kaleidoscope

Chris Rodriguez/”Mercy Day”/Beggar’s Paradise

4Him w/Jon Anderson/”The Only Thing I Need”/Streams

Maire Brennan & Michael McDonald/”Don’t Give Up”/Streams

Kylie Hughes/”Where Did the Summer Go?/Calipopicana

Kylie Hughes/”The Title of My Song”/Calipopicana

The Moreno Twins/”Magic”

The Moreno Twins/”I Wanna Sex U Up”

Amy Gans/”We Spoke Too Soon”

Amy Gans/”Kidnap the Memories”


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