Deep Blue Sea (Single, MP3)

Deep Blue Sea (Single, MP3)

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Brent Bourgeois - Deep Blue Sea   Play

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Deep Blue Sea - Track 3 from Brent's new album "Don't Look Back."

This is an MP3 single song.

I consider Chris Rodriguez one of my best friends in the music industry. I got to know him when he sang on Come Join the Living World, and we’ve been close ever since. Chris was always a first call session singer and guitarist in Nashville in the late 80s and into the 90s and beyond, but everyone always wondered why he never made his own record. Well I finally tricked him into making one for me at Word Records, and I produced it as well. Chris’s fingerprints are all over this record–especially the first three songs. On “Deep Blue Sea,” Chris is singing and playing the guitar parts. Oh, and I had a most memorable experience listening to the master of the record with him in his car the evening that I got it.

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