The High Road: Sneak Peek

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“The High Road” has become somewhat of a centerpiece of this album. A duet with Julian Lennon blossomed into a partnership in which people who buy this record will also be donating to Julian’s White Feather Foundation if they choose. (photo: discussing agricultural subsidies to Albania with Julian Lennon)

White Feather Foundation

But there is a lot more to be excited about from this song. It features a number of people who have been important to me over the years. First of all, Michael Urbano is playing the drums, and Larry Tagg the bass–I defy anyone to find a better rhythm section anywhere. 77s founder Mike Roe, a friend for thirty years, is holding down one end of the electric guitars, and LA session guitarist Tim Pierce the other. And my son Adrian is playing the acoustic guitar, along with River City Recording’s Rich Ayres. And making it all sound wonderful is producer/engineer Ross Hogarth, who co-produced the track and was the engineer on my first solo record.

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s post about the June 2, 1967 US release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “The High Road” clearly shows my Beatles’ roots and their lasting legacy on my music. And it doesn’t hurt to have Julian Lennon singing on it, either 😉

BB & Ross Hogarth:General 5

w/Ross Hogarth

BB & Rich Ayres:General

w/Rich Ayres

Urbano, Tagg



Adrian : High Road

Adrian Bourgeois

Mike Roe

Mike Roe