Poor Me: Sneak Peek

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I’ve known Todd Rundgren a long time. As has been previously mentioned, he produced Bourgeois Tagg’s Yoyo album. He liked our band–and why not–it was a killer band. It was just after that record that we played this gig with Todd, something called Condom-mania:

Todd with BT


And then, just as I was leaving Bourgeois Tagg to start my solo career, Todd asked us all to play on his Nearly Human album, which was recorded live in the studio. Thank God somebody (Ed Vigdor) was there filming it–this is some GREAT footage. In it you can see many people who played on Don’t Look Back, including Michael Urbano, Larry Tagg, Lyle Workman, and Vicki Randle. And Michael Rosen, who engineered some of the rhythm tracks on “Don’t Look Back,” is the guy behind the mixing desk.

In “Fidelity,” it is me playing the keyboard figure throughout the song, and you can see me paying Todd a dollar probably for him having to show me how something went more than once.

In “The Want of A Nail” I moved over to the singer’s booth, where they were having much more fun…

More recently, Todd recorded one of my songs, “Out of My Mind,” on his album Reproduction.

On “Poor Me,” check out Kasim Sulton’s smooth bass part, Jerry McPherson on guitar, and Aaron Smith’s stellar brush work on the drums. John Fields mixed and added the electric sitar. Listen for Todd’s 1001 vocals: the “la-la’s,” the melody in the chorus, and the answer line in the 2nd chorus and beyond.

Someone asked me about the “center,” or soul, of the record. After thinking about it, I think it’s “Poor Me.” It has all of the elements in it that make me feel good and happy to be writing music again.