Why June 2? The US Release of Sgt. Pepper

On June 2, 1967, the day after it was released in the United Kingdom, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was issued in the United States of America. It topped the Billboard chart for 15 weeks, and in 1968 won four Grammy Awards: Album of the Year; Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts; Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical; Contemporary Album. More importantly, it changed a generation of musicians and music-lovers forever. Like me. I was never the same after hearing that record. Looking at that cover. Reading those lyrics. Listening to the whole thing over and over again. It was a game-changer. Not that their previous couple records weren’t–but Sgt. Pepper’s was the first record pop designed to be listened to as a whole unit, from the crowd noise and orchestra warming up at the beginning to the last long piano chord at the end. I owe a lot to Sgt. Pepper’s, and, of course, to the Beatles. You can hear a bit of them in almost everything I do, most notably on this record in the songs “The High Road,” which happens to feature a voice with the original DNA, and “Psycho,” recorded with my former bandmates from Bourgeois Tagg. The cover is so iconic that it has been copied and used countless times for other promotions. Here is the Bourgeois Tagg/Uncle Rainbow Reunion Show Poster from 2008:

BT Reunion


And here is what they might look like today (or soon:)

Old Beatles