Kick-Finisher : Joining with Julian Lennon

It feels like Julian Lennon is on the other side of the mountain. For starters, he is a world-class photographer. But more importantly, he is using his name and celebrity to do good works throughout the world. Julian’s White Feather Foundation is, among other things, delivering clean, safe drinking water to those in need in Africa. He is truly walking the walk. I was so impressed with his commitment that I have decided to include his foundation in my Kick-Finisher program. And wait until you hear “High Road” with Julian on the album! 

Brent Bourgeois & Julian Lennon : High Road
For every album sold, you can take your commission or donate it to Julian’s White Feather Foundation — Each album sold and donated to White Feather gifts 13 liters of safe, clean drinking water.

White Feather Foundation
You can Sign Up Here.

Thank you for your support!

– Brent

4 thoughts on “Kick-Finisher : Joining with Julian Lennon

  1. Thank you Brent for making this possible, and thank you to Julian for leading by example.

  2. This is truly a worthwhile cause. And one that I will be participating in. Thank you.

  3. Thank You Brent and Julian for this opportunity to help a fantastic charity and Organization.

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