What do you get someone that seemingly has everything, that wants for nothing, and yet you want them to know how truly special they are? Where can you go to find an absolutely one-of-a-kind gift, something that no one else will ever have?

As referenced in the Brent van Winkle page here, the music business is a very different place than the one I left.  I believe  we are heading toward a song-by-commission system, similar to the way things were hundreds of years ago. Artists have been operating under this system forever–producing a work of art by commission that is owned by the buyer. Musicians in Mozart’s day made their living doing this.

sistine-chapel-creation-of-adam wolfgang_amadeus_mozart

Now I am making myself available to you to do the same.

I have a lot of experience writing songs for myself, and songs for others. Here is a small sample of my work:

The song “I Don’t Mind At All” was a world-wide hit for my band Bourgeois Tagg

I had another hit with this song, “Dare To Fall In Love,” from my first solo album

 This song I wrote with Michael W. Smith is on Martina McBride’s Evolution album

And this one, “The Only Thing I Need,” features Jon Anderson of Yes and is on the Streams album

And here are a couple of recent songs I have written, the first on an upcoming release called Calipopicana from Kylie Hughes. The song is “Where Did the Summer Go?”

And here is one from American Idol contestants The Moreno Twins called “Magic.”

Now I would like to write a song for you!

I will write and produce a song with the subject of your choosing, which could include the name of a loved one, that you and you alone will own. A  completely unique gift for a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or any special event or occasion. Or just because. You will own the master and the publisher’s share of the song. I will consult with you extensively by Skype or Facetime before starting, and then share the process with you along the way.


Price: Negotiable


Please provide your contact information and information about your song: