Thank-you to Kick-Finishers Take 1

Brent Bourgeois : Thank-You Video Take1 Kick-Finisher thank you video

Brent submitted this as his potential thank-you video for all of the Kick-Finishers helping get the word out on his first album in 20 years “Don’t Look Back”.

In submitting this for consideration, Brent wrote “I really think it shows my best side…plus it shows off my adorable daughter, Natalie.” We’ll let you be the judge. We think he is better on album than as a video “rock star”. As Don Donahue of put it, “wow just wow. Good thing you can write great songs!”  🙂

2 thoughts on “Thank-you to Kick-Finishers Take 1

    1. HEE HEE! Alrighty then…. Is this what Brent Van Winkle would look like? and ummm… Your Welcome?

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