Why June 2? Delaney Bourgeois’ Birthday


Delaney Bourgeois’ birthday. On June 1st. See, I was going to release the album on June 1st, but it’s a Sunday, and more importantly, it’s my daughter Delaney’s 23rd birthday. And she didn’t want HER day overshadowed by the release of MY album. So I graciously decided to move the release of “Don’t Look Back” to June 2, and here we are…the things we do for our kids…

One thought on “Why June 2? Delaney Bourgeois’ Birthday

  1. Hi Brent! Hope you remember me from your early Sacramento days (Moon Studios, David Houston and Clarice Jones). Glad to see you’re still cutting edge! Hope we can keep in touch (btw, your daughter is beautiful). Feel free to “like me on Face Book. I’ve, also, been up to many new adventures I’d like to share with you.

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