Why June 2? Lou Gehrig Begins His Consecutive Games Streak


If you ask anyone but hardcore baseball fans who Wally Pipp was, they stare at you blankly and maybe offer, “Was he one of the Pips, like Gladys Knight and the Pips?” Wally Pipp was actually a very good baseball player, the starting first baseman on the New York Yankees for the first few years that Babe Ruth was there. But Wally Pipp’s story is a cautionary tale for generations of people who have ever begged off a job or a show or a meeting because of a minor ailment. On June 2, Wally Pipp asked out of the Yankees lineup because of a headache. Manager Miller Huggins stuck rookie Lou Gehrig in his place. Fourteen years later, Lou Gehrig had played in a remarkable 2,130 consecutive games, Wally Pipp was long gone, and most people to this day have never heard of him, other than being the answer to the trivia question’ “Who did Lou Gehrig replace to start his consecutive games streak?”